Squid Buster Jig (rigged)

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     Introducing our custom designed squid buster jig. It has been around now for a few years, on a very limited distribution. Sold mainly on the Central and Northern CA coast, this product is being introduced for the first time online. It has shown major success in stores, and for the price, rivals the common known lingcodjig.
    These are now available for purchase online!! Come back to see size and color options. Our squid buster jig comes with a 6" scampi as well as a large colored skirt. 

    What makes our squid buster jig unique, is that the hook moves independent of the jig head itself. This allows for maximum lure action. The squid like head, and line tie location causes the jig to plane in the water making the jig appear to swim. Drag the jig across the bottom, and enjoy snag free action as the hook is mounted facing upward towards the surface. You can also simply just jig the lure up and down. 

    This is an ideal saltwater fishing lure, great for bottom fishing, bass and various type of cod.... however, it is most ideal for big ling cod, and has shown its greatest success when targeting big lings off the shallow coastal waters. Great for kayak fishing, rock fishing, panga fishing, and deep sea as well. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed. This is our deadliest ling cod killer. 
Great for Alaska and Washington deep sea fishing for those monster halibut, and lings

  • 100% American made
  • sizes 6oz, 9oz, 10.5oz, 12oz
  • uses 7/0 Mustad or Eagle Claw Nickel hooks
  • moving hook gives lifelike action
  • comes with plastic 6" scampi lure