Cannonball Sinkers

    The cannonball sinker is also ideal for breakwall and jetty fishing. By having a perfectly round sphere shape, it has no hard edges to snag in harsh rocky conditions. The brass eye at the top allows for easy tying! The cannonball sinker is often referred to as a salmon ball, or salmon weight, as well as a bounce ball weight or bounce ball. The reason for this title, is because they are often used in bounce ball rigs for halibut trolling. This method of fishing causes the fisherman to lose a lot of weights though.. so your best bet is to get them from us where they're cheap!

Another thing about our cannonball sinkers that separates us from the competition, is that we use CNC machine molds to cast ours. This makes them extremely accurate in weight, and MOST of them within +/- 0.1 of an oz accuracy.

We stock lead cannonball sinkers in 2oz,3oz,4oz,5oz,6oz,8oz,10oz,12oz,16oz,20oz,24oz,28oz,32oz,40oz,48oz, and 64oz sizes!
****sizes 2-3 oz use #1 brass eyes, sizes 4-16 oz use #2 brass eyes, sizes 20-48 oz use #3 brass eyes****
However, if youre looking for cannonballs in even LARGER sizes.. we have those too! We actually carry them up to 60lbs!! Those sizes of cannonball sinkers are found on several links throughout our website depending on your application

  • Cannonball sphere shape
  • Sizes 2oz - 4lb
  • large cannonball sinkers available in 7lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb, 60lb!!!
  • Made with lead
  • 100% made in America

on our 7lb and larger cannonballs, we use Stainless American made swivels with a weight rating starting at 700lbs

So if youre fishing for halibut, salmon,  or just plain old pier, or jetty fishing, check us out, and grab some cannonballs!

( For those of you with cannons or black powder, feel free to inquire about cannonball weights without the brass eyes installed)

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