Cannonball Sinkers

The cannonball sinker is also ideal for breakwall and jetty fishing. By having a perfectly round sphere shape, it has no hard edges to snag in harsh rocky conditions. The brass eye at the top allows for easy tying!

Another thing about our cannonball sinkers that separates us from the competition, is that we use CNC machine molds to cast ours. This makes them extremely accurate in weight, and most of them within +/- 0.1 of an oz accuracy.

We stock lead cannonball sinkers in 2oz,3oz,4oz,5oz,6oz,8oz,10oz,12oz,16oz,20oz,24oz,28oz,32oz,40oz, and 48oz sizes!
****sizes 2-3 oz use #1 brass eyes, sizes 4-16 oz use #2 brass eyes, sizes 20-48 oz use #3 brass eyes****