Bullet Jig heads

    Looking for a huge variety of Bullet Jig heads? Look no further... We offer Bullet Jig heads from 1 oz all the way to 16 oz. Unlike our competitors who actually do carry a decent selection of bullet jig heads, we offer them at great prices, AND with 3d eyes.

    Our bullet Jig heads from 3oz - 16oz have countersunk 3d lifelike eyes. The countersunk eye allows them to stay on and not pop off when these jigs hit a structure. For those big saltwater ling cod, halibut, and other sea monsters, they are a great and cost effective choice. Like all Ocean-Angler products, they are 100% made in America. 
     Unlike most of our competitors, our powder coating process isnt just a hot dipped process. Many companies dip their jig heads while hot, allowing the powder to melt and bond.... and thats it! However, this doesnt cure them. In the powder coat industry, powder coated products then need to be baked, allowing a true cure. We do this! This true process prevents chipping 
    If youre looking for plastic grubs to pair up with these bullet heads, check back soon for the full line of soft plastics

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