Torpedo Sinkers

    The torpedo sinker is the go-to sinker for almost all saltwater fisherman.
It features a smooth sleek body, enabling it to drop extremely fast. We carry Torpedo weights from sizes 2 oz all the way up to 32 oz ( 2 pounds!!) 

    These torpedo fishing weights are known for their quick drops due to the pencil type shape that pierces the water. An additional advantage of the torpedo sinker is that it has two rings on it, one at the top, and one at the bottom. This allows versatility so that it can be used in line, or for some trolling applications. the dual ring attachment lends it the other name "double ring" sinker
    From party boats, private boats, bank fishing, jetty fishing, to pier fishing - the torpedo weight is your go to type sinker. Available from size 2oz - 32oz
    Most of our torpedo sinkers are made from CNC machined molds. This makes them extremely accurate in weight.. usually within 0.10 of an ounce in accuracy