Large Shad Swimbait Jigheads

    At Ocean-Angler we carry the largest sized shad jigheads ( also known as swimbait jigheads) on the market. We manufacture the highest quality and largest available and have for almost 10 years. For years now, many saltwater anglers and freshwater anglers have been switching over to using soft plastic swimbaits. As the swimbaits have gotten larger, the jigheads have not quite kept up with the size growth - but we have.

We powdercoat these large sized swimbait jigheads in 7 different colors. Our powdercoating is properly cured and not just hot dipped like the few companies out there who actually compete with us. The curing process allows our jigheads to be more chip resistant.

We classify "large Shad jigheads" starting at 6oz and going all the way up to our newest release 16 ounce!!! on our 12 and 16 oz, we use VMC black nickel Barbarian 12/0 hooks! this is the largest black nickel jighead hook on the market!! No one in the industry uses this hook on a jighead of this magnitude!! 

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