Coin Disc Sinkers

Our current coin disc silver dollar sinker selection is from 1oz - 8oz. These are an amazing choice for fisherman who do river, as well as surf fishing. With a round snag free shape, snagging is minimal, and with the flat large surface area-weight ratio shaped body, these hold rather well. Coin Disc sinkers are also often referred to as silver dollar sinkers, or river sinkers since they're most often used in rivers and shaped like a silver dollar or a disc. These work well in sea grass as they dont snag so easily, as well as rocky bottoms of river beds that have rough currents.

Sinkers that have pointed, or hard abrupt edges can tend to get stuck in the rocks of river bottoms and river banks, even though these rocky bottoms are often lined with "smooth" rocks, they still have lots of angles and contours for standard weights to get stuck in. However, not with Disc sinkers! Disc Sinkers smooth shape allows them to sort of bounce off the hard corners.. yet their flat surface allows them to lay flat and hold in the current.

We have just recently added to our current product lineup - We now carry 1,1.5,2,3,4,5,6,8 oz!!! As usual, we pretty much carry more varieties of more sinkers then any of our competitors..

If you need to go big or go small on river sinkers, we have you completely covered!

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