Swimbaits , split tail scampis, grubs, slugs

    After years of manufacturing quality American made sinkers jig heads and rigs, Ocean-Angler is now bringing you soft plastic baits, and lures. These products are subcontracted out allowing us to provide them directly to you the customer at a fraction of retail price. Our friends who make these products have a variety of proven colors for us. As with Ocean-Angler products, these soft plastic baits are also 100% made in America. We are now bringing you soft plastic grubs, swimbaits, slugs, and split tail scampis.
 When it comes to saltwater fishing, we supply the most popular products at the best prices 

    Split tail scampis - One of the original soft plastic baits in the saltwater industry, this is a saltwater fishing lure that needs to stay in your tackle box. Commonly referred to as twin tails, double tail grubs, and scampi lures. They've been tried and tested for years and work excellent. We took it a step further though, and created the bullet jig head with 3d eyes to be the perfect match for split tail scampis . This bait is made to mimic the body of a shrimp, with an added forked tail providing life like action

    Soft plastic curly tail grubs - Another "goodie" for saltwater fishing, and cod fishing. This has a ringed worm like body and curled tail that twists and kicks angering or hungering those big fish, inducing a strike. We are currently offering them in 6" and 8". Soon we will have a full line of Bite Magnet plastic grubs including the monster 11"

    Swimbaits - This has become one of the most popular soft plastic products in the saltwater fishing industry, period! This is a definite go-to for any saltwater fisherman, fishing for almost any species. We will be supplying them from 5" up to a monster 12" that almost no one in the industry carries. Not to mention we have designed our shad/swimbait heads exclusively to match these bodies very nicely. From head to body, we have you covered in a variety of sizes and colors with some of the best prices you can find. Check back often, as we are bringing in two full product lines of them from Fishoholics and Bite Magnet plastics.

    Plastic slugs also known as sluggos - these have gained recent popularity, and can be fishing from deeper waters to rocky shallows with great success. They also can be rigged in a variety of ways. Check back frequently for videos and rigging methods and options.

As always, we are supplying you more and more products, at great prices that are made in America. Support your country , keep the jobs here, and buy American made


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