Shad Swimbait Jig heads

    Our most popular jig head - the Shad jig head, also known as swimbait heads, and triangle leadheads.

    The shad jig head is extremely popular for those using swimbaits. They fit exceptionally well. We are also one of the only companies to carry them in 5 and 7 oz size, as well as one of the few companies to carry them in 8 and 10 oz size and one of the only companies to carry them in 12 and 16 oz!
    Unlike most of our competitors, our powder coating process isn't just a hot dipped process. Many companies dip their jig heads while hot, allowing the powder to melt and bond.... and that's it! However, this doesn't cure them. In the powder coat industry, powder coated products then need to be baked, allowing a true cure. We do this! We bake our jigheads so that we accomplish the true process preventing chipping 

  • Black nickel Mustad hooks from 6/0-8/0
  • heavy durable powdercoating
  • 3d Countersunk eyes
  • sizes 1.5oz - 16oz
  • available in 7 colors

       Some information / history about shad jigheads: The shad style jighead was one of our first jighead designs we introduced on a large scale with a large variety of both sizes and color options. For years fisherman used the traditional scampi lure with the bullet jighead. Almost overnight, as with all hot new fishing products - the swimbait became popular. Instantly fisherman were needing a leadhead to fit nicely with the growing popularity of the swimbait body. The shad jighead was introduced. It has a sleek slender water cutting design that allows for fast retrieval if need be.

    The shad jighead along with the swimbait became very popular in the California Coastal areas to fish in kelp and rock outcroppings for bass and rock fish. To this day, its still the go-to product for many fisherman. Our shad jigheads are designed to fit very nicely with the swimbaits we sell here, and they fit very well with most swimbaits on the market - even ones we dont offer. We were one of the first companies to introduce the 5oz and 7oz size, and now the first company to offer a 12oz, and 16oz shad jighead... which comes with a 12/0 VMC barbarian black nickel hook! If you need swimbaits to pair up with our shad jigheads, just click on the scampis, swimbaits and grubs section of the site


   ***** We have recently added some smaller sizes temporarily. The 1/4 oz - 1/2 oz are not Ocean-Angler products. However, they do come "painted" with black nickel hooks and a great price****

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