Pyramid Sinkers

    We stock and supply both 3 sided, and 4 sided pyramid sinkers.  Pyramid fishing weights are triangular in shape and are excellent for surf fishing and pier fishing. They hold well in sandy bottoms, and also hold well in rough currents like the surf.
    This the most common type of sinker used in pier fishing, and surf fishing throughout the world. Pyramid sinkers hold in rough surf fishing conditions very well, and as always, we supply these fishing sinkers at wholesale pricing
    This sinker is very popular ffrom anything to fishing for perch from the surf, to fishing for sharks from the pier. Its tapered pointy shape , allows it to pierce through the water, stabbing down into the sand. WIth the flat hard edges on it, the rough waves dont move it around much.

  • made of lead
  • available from 1.5 oz - 8 oz
  • 100% made in America
  • available in 3 sided and 4 sided styles


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