Downrigger Weights

    We stock downrigger weights in several sizes. From 6lb - 12 lb.
Downrigger weights are what is required when you want to use a downrigger, and troll your line much deeper then would be possible without the extra weight. They are a cannonball shape, with a keel to keep your line and downrigger true in direction .

The powder coating option color will vary depending on what colors we are powder coating the day it is ordered. We generally powder coat the downrigger weights in either gray hammertone, white, or sand color

As always, this product is 100% made in America.

We will soon add the powder coating option. This will mean your downrigger weight has a baked on polyester chip resistant coating, which well keep your boat from being scratched up. Currently all of our downrigger weights are only offered in plain lead.

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