Diamond Jigs

    Diamond Jigs are and have been the go-to jig for rock cod fishing and bottom fishing for over 60 years. They are tall and slender, with a diamond like body. Available in many styles; these work and work well. They are most frequently used for jigging up and down. Depending on which style is your choice can determine how fast to drop them, and the exact action they make in the water. Regardless, will turn, shift, twist, or wobble when dropped or jigged.
    Currently we offer them in glow in the dark, with 3d eyes, and holographic decals. We use red Nickel eagle claw 3x hooks on them, and like all our products they are 100% made in the USA by us.
    We offer them in 4 oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. These work excellent for Ling Cod and other large sized cod fish

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