Lingcod bar jig

    Ocean-Angler offers custom colored Lingcod and Rock Fish Bar Jigs. These are the diamond jig shape that has some flutter to it, but also drops fast. Often when fishing for big rockfish and Lingcod in areas with lots of fish, many fisherman run into the same problem....... They have a hard time getting passed the smaller fish, to the bigger Lings at the bottom. This is where the Diamond Jig shape comes into play. This is a very fast dropping jigs, and we provide it in several colors. Custom colors are available on request but take more time to make and require a minimum order.
    We use 7/0 or 8/0 Mustad nickel Jig hooks on our jigs. Some of our images show the jigs with split rings and some without. We have limited stock on the non-spplit ring versions, and once they are gone, all our stock will come with split rings.

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