Saltwater Jig Heads

  Ocean-Angler has the largest best priced selections of quality saltwater jig heads for saltwater fishing.

  • Swimbait Jig heads from 1 - 10 ozs!
  • Bullet jig heads from 1 - 16 ozs!
  • Banana Jig heads from 1-4 ozs!

Custom jig heads - inquire via email - (inquire for our custom lineup not listed on the site)

    We supply a larger variety of the most common and cheapest saltwater jig heads for coastal fishing then anyone. The most popular styles are the swimbait jig heads - also known as the shad jig head; and the Bullet Jig head, both of which we carry. Shad jig heads, commonly referred to as swimbait heads, or triangle jig heads are often used with soft plastic swimbaits for anything from rockfish, to bass. We carry them from 1.5 oz all the way up to 10 oz, and in 7 different colors. 
    Our Bullet Jig Heads come with indented 3d eyes starting at the 3oz size. We had our molds custom designed to countersink the eyeballs preventing them from being knocked off when you hit rocks and other structure. They are also 3d lifelike to mimic those underwater critters that fish love to eat.
    Our Jigheads utilize Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hooks, and occasionaly Eagle Claw Laser Sharp Nickel hooks.

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