Curl Tail Grubs

    We carry a selection of curl tail grubs that work great with our lead heads. The curl tail grub is a soft plastic lure that has been in the industry for decades and has been very successful for a number of fish species. The most common species targeted with the large size 10" Grub have been halibut, grouper and ling cod. Whereas the smaller sized grubs can be fished to target anything from perch to snapper. 

   Why the grub? For years and years Fisherman used grubs and bullet style lead heads to catch all sorts of fish.. This isnt exclusive to one area either. Its such a simply design, with a tail loaded with action, and has been used to slay huge fish all over the world.

    From hand pours, to injected grubs on a commercial level, the curl tail grub has been the go to for guys who prefer plastic baits for big fish for decades. One of the biggest names in the industry was Kalins. Kalins got bought by another company, who decided the big grubs weren't worth making anymore, so Bite Magnet came in and picked up their slack, and now supplies us with a variety of curly tail grubs. We will soon have a full line up from 2" to 13"


------------------Be Advised---------------
We will be carrying a full selection of Bite Magnet large grubs soon, in a massive variety of colors and offering bulk discounts to distributors and stores!!

Check back often for updates!

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