10" Curl tail grub

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    This is the 10" curl tail grub. This grub has been commonly referred to as the Kalin grub, or Kalin style grub. Also known as the Mogambo grub, or Big N grub. The grub length is actually 8", but with the tail stretched, its about 10" long. This size grub fits nicely with  Ocean-Angler 8oz -24oz bullet jig heads. Currently we are offering them in the following colors :





GREEN Chartreuse


    The curl tail grub is a soft plastic lure that has been in the industry for decades and has been very successful for a number of fish species. The most common species targeted with the large size 10" Grub have been halibut, grouper and ling cod. 


   Why the large grub? For years and years Fisherman used big grubs and big round bullet lead heads to catch big lings.. This isnt exclusive to one area either. Big 10" grubs have been used to slay huge fish all over the world.


    From hand pours, to injected large grubs on a commercial level, the 10" Mogambo style grub has been the go to for guys who prefer plastic baits for big fish for years and years. One of the biggest names in the industry was Kalins. Kalins got bought by another company, who decided the big grubs weren't worth making anymore. Thats where we come into play. 


    Most tackle stores are at a point of selling out their old stock of the big Kalins  Big N grub, and now fisherman are left with virtually no options. Dont worry, we have you covered! We have a supplier for these grubs, and we keep them in stock. Not only do we stock the Bite Magnet 10" grubs, but-----------


   We just started carrying a specialty 13" grub!!! It is literally the biggest grub on the market! Currently only available in 1 color.. and that was a color we had specially made after years of feedback and fishing.. We carry the big N grub beast in purple haze glow!

------------------Be Advised---------------
We will be carrying a full selection of Bite Magnet large grubs soon, in a massive variety of colors and offering bulk discounts to distributors and stores!!


Check back often for updates!