Octosquid Lingcod Jig

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Product Overview

As of 3/14/16 , we have added the all new Octosquid lingcod jig! Its currently available in two colors - Ventura Red, and White Glow. After fishing the Channel Islands/Ventura/Oxnard local waters, a discovery was made that lead to this epic color design!
    Another important factor is in this jigs action - It has a slender shape for the body. This allows it to drop fast in rough currents, and windy conditions so you can get right on the fish when you need to be immediately !! Drop past all those little rock fish down to the big lings before everyone else!

  • 8,12,16 oz sizes
  • powder coated jig body to prevent chips and peeling
  • uses Eagle Claw nickel 7/0  hooks, and Eagle claw nickel 10/0 Hooks on 12 and 16oz

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