Bulb Squid Skirts and Kajiki Squids

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Ocean-Angler is bringing you access to the best prices on the most popular colors of Bulb Squids. ****Priced per pack......

These are also known as Kajiki Squids, Yamashita squids, or sunrise squids, and bulb squids. We supply them in 6" size and 8" size currently. These come from SlamminLures, and are great quality. Slammin Lures supplies them to us in the 3 pack for the 6" and in the 2 pack for the 8"
 Ocean-Angler now carries the full color line of bulb squids from cheapfishingtackle. For other availability and other popular trolling lures and skirts, visit our friendly wholesaler site www.cheapfishingtackle.co

Uses - These larger sizes ( 6" and 8") are most commonly used for yellowtail and large halibut. They can be set up and rigged for ball bouncing and trolling down at the bottom for large yellowtail and halibut. Or for those of you who want an easier catch, just rig em up and drop them down for big lingcod!



Colors available :

  • Green glow splatter
  • Blue glow splatter
  • Orange glow splatter
  • Purple haze
  • Glow
  • Dying squid

Sizes :

  • 6" - 3 per pack
  • 8" - 2 per pack