Swimbaits Hand-poured 9"

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    Theyre finally here! : Bite Magnet 9" swimbaits are now officially for sale at ocean-angler. They created a very large 9" swimbait unlike the competition out there. The biggest competitors MAY make a 9" swimbait, but companies like Candybar and Big Hammer use chinese plastic that splits easy, cracks, or doesnt hold up. Additionally, Bite magnet have bigger tails and more kick, as well as more girth to hold up better with large shad style jigheads which of course we at ocean angler carry and stock. Bite Magnet products are 100% made in the USA. 
We currently only have a couple color options until we have a full color list and stock from Bite magnet.



   Swimbaits - This has become one of the most popular soft plastic products in the saltwater fishing industry, period! This is a definite go-to for any saltwater fisherman, fishing for almost any species. We supply them from 7" up to a monster 12" that almost no one in the industry carries. Not to mention we have designed our shad/swimbait heads exclusively to match these bodies very nicely. From head to body, we have you covered in a variety of sizes and colors with some of the best prices you can find  
    We offer these fine quality swimbaits at amazing prices, that cant be matched. Best of all, these are 100% made in America.  Check back often to see our size and color updates.