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    We manufacture and carry a large variety of specialized rockfish lures and saltwater jigs. From Jig heads , diamond jigs, squid buster jigs, rock cod jigs, ling cod jigs, and other generic to custom made lures for cod fishing. All of our saltwater jigs are 100% made in the USA.
    Whether your fishing over a sunken ship ( because so many people fish sunken ships right haha), pile of rocks, open water, kelp bed, jetty, pier, or reef we have an extensive line of products to keep you stocked and ready for a huge variety of fish.

    Here you can also find both rigged jigs; specifically made for lingcod and halibut, as well as custom rigs and jigs made for halibut and ling cod.
    The Lingcod is one of the premier bottom fish choices of angles. They grow very large ( occasionally reaching up to 6 feet in length) and have very sharp and pronounced teeth. Known for their distinct green color ( sometimes green fillets) ling cod are delicious, aggressive fighters, and an underwater sea predator. With our Ling cod and Rock Cod jigs, you can catch all the big boys like grouper, ling cod, cabezon and big bass! We are in a never ending stage of adding new jigs to our lineup so be sure to frequently check our website for new jigs, and rockfish lures often.
    We carry the traditional diamond jig from 4oz - 16oz- however ours are american made and come in glow in the dark with 3d eyes currently. We also stock large rigged bullet grubs. Please check back for our other custom ling cod jigs as the website currently doesnt show our full ling cod jig lineup.

    As of 3/14/16 , we have added the all new Octosquid lingcod jig! Its currently available in one color - Ventura Red. After fishing the Channel Islands/Ventura/Oxnard local waters, a discovery was made that lead to this epic color design!

    One other factor is important in this jigs action. It has a slender shape for the body. This allows it to drop fast in rough currents, and windy conditions so you can get right on the fish when you need to be immediately !!
Available in 8oz and 12oz currently

The jig body is powder coated so it doesnt chip so easily! Comes with an Eagle Claw Nickel Hook

Check back often for more Lingcod jigs at ocean-angler

If youd like to see more Ocean-Angler jigs, and other custom rigs and tackle for lingcod and rock cod, check out our partners site - they sell our full line of jigs!!

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